[GAP Forum] large degree permutations

Alexander Hulpke hulpke at math.colostate.edu
Wed Jul 21 21:07:34 BST 2004

Dear Michael Hartley,

> I think I remember reading somewhere in the documentation about how to
> instruct GAP to store permutations in a manner which requires less
> memory than the usual method. I need it now since I am trying to do some
> manipulations on the janko group j3. However, I have hunted high and low
> but cannot find in the docs what I thought I read earlier.

You might want to look at section 41.12 -- working with large degree
permutation groups. The section is on the web pages at

However J3 (degree 6500) is not such a large degree and I'm slightly
surprised that memory turns out to be an issue -- feel free to tellk me (if
you want privately) about what you are calculating and I can have a look on
whether there is somewhere a memory inefficiency.

Best wishes,

  Alexander Hulpke

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