[GAP Forum] Retrieving group name

Marco Costantini costanti at science.unitn.it
Tue Jun 29 13:52:50 BST 2004

Dear Igor and dear gap-forum,

> I am struggling to find the way to retrieve canonical group names in
> GAP4 ( I've done it once in GAP3 ).  Basically, I need a function
> which will output "Q8" if the input is SmallGroup(8,4), for example.

Try IdGroup.

As far as I know, "most" of the groups have no canonical name. Maybe, if you
are interested in a particular class of groups, something could be
arranged. Let us know. Let us also know in which way do you want to use the
strings like "Q8", and maybe we could suggest you something else for your

Best regards,
Marco Costantini

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