[GAP Forum] RE: Forum Digest, Vol 6, Issue 4

Marco Costantini costanti at science.unitn.it
Wed Jun 2 09:25:33 BST 2004

Dear Rashid Ali and dear gap-forum,
maybe your problem is a Windows specific problem; did you try the same
computation on a linux machine? (By the way, Gap under linux is faster than
under Windows).

If you send (maybe to support at gap-system.org) all the code that produces the
problem, then other people may look into this.

Please check:
Do you have the most recent version of GAP installed? (4.4.3)
Did you install the bug fix?
When reporting the error, please state:
What version of GAP and what computer you are using and possibly what
compiler you used in installing GAP (some of this information will be
contained in the banner you see when staring up GAP).
What is your input. (Please also include the definitions of your objects so
that we can redo the calculation.)
What output do you get?

When replaying a previous mail, you shouldn't quote all the mail, but only
the relevant part.

Best regards,
Marco Costantini

Scrive Rashid Ali <rashid at jinnah.edu.pk>:

> Dear Forum Members
> I am working on computations of Self-Connected and H-Connected
> transversals of a group G. Since total number of transversals for a
> finite group G with a subgroup H = Order(H)^Index(G,H). I've designed an
> algorithm that searches self-connected and H-connected transversals. It
> works properly for small groups but for large gooups say for example when
> Order(G)=1792, and Order(H)=64, it perform computations for many hours
> but it quits gap session automatically leaving the executation
> incomplete, and displays following message that I'm unable to understand:
>    0 [main] gapw95 1116 handle_exceptions: Exception:
>   1062 [main] gapw95 1116 stackdump: Dumping stack trace to
> gapw95.exe.stackdump
> I can't understand how to resolve this problem
> Regards
> Rashid Ali

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