[GAP Forum] REPSN package

Charles Wright wright at uoregon.edu
Tue May 25 16:23:07 BST 2004

Dear GAP Forum members --

I am pleased to report acceptance of the GAP4 Package "Repsn" by Vahid 
Dabbaghian-Abdoly. The package deals with the computation of complex 
irreducible representations of finite groups and provides a combination 
of several heuristics for constructing the representations in question 
by inducing or extending representations of suitable subgroups (as an 
application of Clifford's Theorem).

It also includes a special treatment of perfect groups, with the effect 
that the functions of the package can compute a representation affording 
any irreducible group character of degree less than 32, with no 
restriction on the degree if the group is solvable.

The package will be included in the standard GAP package distribution 
and is available now from www.math.carleton.ca/~vdabbagh/gap/repsn.html.

Charles R.B. Wright

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