[GAP Forum] A service for GAP remote access

Lev Pliner pliner at sky.ru
Tue May 25 05:06:11 BST 2004

> I'd like to try it. Is it available somewhere?

1. Use following command to build rGAP (server):
gcc rpcGAP.c rpcGAP_s.c iGAP_ss.c rGAP_ss.c -lrpclib -orGAP

2. Use following command to build cGAP (client):
gcc rpcGAP.c rpcGAP_c.c iGAP_ss.c cGAP.c -lrpclib -lreadline -ocGAP

3. GAP root should be /usr/sbin/gap (or modifications should be done at

4. Some source was taken from xGAP.

5. To quit client execution better type '?quit', not 'quit;' to close GAP.

6. If this work will be of intrest, I will send multithreaded version with
documentation (this version is not documented at all), including my plans
for further work.

Best wishes.

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