[GAP Forum] A service for GAP remote access

Lev Pliner pliner at sky.ru
Mon May 24 12:34:34 BST 2004

Dear forum users.

My name is Lev Pliner. I'm a PhD student at Ural State University,
Katerinburg, Russia. I've rendered a server that allows to remotely run GAP
(rGAP) and a simple client for it (cGAP).

I used cygwin/gcc, so I hope it may be compiled/linked under linux. If it
so, the mentioned software allows to use GAP kernel run under linux with all
packages using a client run under windows. A client based upon readline
library so many customizations can be done (see man readline for further

I can send a singlethreaded version of server; multithreaded is ready but
still has a lot of bugs.


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