[GAP Forum] Writing to File

Marco Costantini costanti at science.unitn.it
Sun Apr 18 18:24:51 BST 2004

Dear Bruce and gap-forum, 
Scrive "Bruce W. Colletti" <bcolletti at compuserve.com>: 
> Re GAP 4.3fix4 running under WinXP Home. 
> How do I set the record length of an output text file? 
> When printing to the file, numbers follow one another (as desired) until too 
> many occur, at which time GAP automatically creates a new output line.  
Try something like 
AppendToFile := function ( file, s ) 
    local  otf; 
    otf := OutputTextFile( file, true ); 
    SetPrintFormattingStatus( otf, false ); 
    AppendTo( otf, s ); 
    CloseStream( otf ); 
Where s is what you want to write in the file 
> Numbers are separated by a space or tab. 
> LogTo("filename") opens the file...maybe that's the problem.  If so, what 
> else should I use?  I've tried an example in the manual that starts: 
>     name := Filename(DirectoryTemporary(),"test"); 
> but GAP gags on the DirectoryTemporary() command. 
What do you mean with "gags"? 
Try an other directory. 

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