[GAP Forum] Release -- A Couple of Details

Steve Linton sal at dcs.st-and.ac.uk
Fri Apr 16 22:56:39 BST 2004

Dear GAP Forum,

Just a few points to follow the release announcement.

Firstly, due to some glitches here, the Website and FTP site were not fully
updated with the intended new contents until this afternoon. In particular,
the packages archive briefly contained a broken version of the xmod
package. These sites are now updated. Apologies to anyone affected. As you will
see the Website is still somewhat transitional, containing pages with both old
and new "look". Over the next months we should complete the move to the new
style. We would welcome comments on this style.

Secondly, as ever, a few minor bugs came to light too late in the release
process for fixes to be safely included in the release, and will be fixed in a
bugfix in the next week or so. If any of them cause you especial difficulties,
we may be able to send a specific correction to you.

1. A bug in the on-line help functions causes errors displaying a very few
sections of the manual using the "screen" viewer.

2. There is a bug when computing homomorphisms from a finitely-presented group
with a generator that occurs in no relator, which can cause an error..

3. When GAP is loaded from a saved workspace, user specific information (such
as the home directory referred to by ~) is taken from the workspace, not from
the loading user. Thus if user a saves a workspace, and user b loads it and
then does Read("~/myfuncs.g"); it will try to load "/home/a/myfuncs.g".

4. Runtimes() under Windows reports 0 instead of fail for the unavailable
system and child CPU times.

Finally, I'd like to take this opportunity to thank everyone concerned for
their hard work in the long process of preparing this release.

	Steve Linton

Steve Linton	School of Computer Science  &
      Centre for Interdisciplinary Research in Computational Algebra
	     University of St Andrews 	 Tel   +44 (1334) 463269
http://www.dcs.st-and.ac.uk/~sal	 Fax   +44 (1334) 463278   

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