[GAP Forum] guava 1.9

David Joyner wdj at madeline.usna.edu
Sat Apr 3 20:59:10 BST 2004

Hello GAP Forum:

This is to announce that the next version of GAP's error-correcting
codes package GUAVA, version 1.9, is ready. Many thanks to Frank
Luebeck for help with this. I hope the permission problems Frank
discovered are corrected.

 From the CHANGES file:

Version 1.9 has:
   o Faster MinimumDistance algorithm (joint with Aron Foster, a student).
   o MinimumDistanceLeon algorithm (joint with Aron Foster).
   o Faster PutStandard form algorithm (with GAP's Frank Luebeck).
   o New PermutationGroup command (for possibly non-binary codes).
   o New PermutationDecode command.

See the manual on the web page for more information and downloading:


Pleas email me if you experience any problems.

- David Joyner

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