[GAP Forum] problem with AllSmallGroups

Michael Hartley Michael.Hartley at nottingham.edu.my
Fri Mar 26 08:39:40 GMT 2004

Dear Forum members,
I am using GAP 4.3 fix 5.
I can't seem to get AllSmallGroups to work properly...
For example,
AllSmallGroups(Size,120,FrattinifactorId, [60,10]);
should return 5 groups (see SmallGroupsInformation(120)); Instead, it
returns [ ].
Filtered(AllSmallGroups(120), x -> FrattinifactorId(x) = [60,10]);
does return the required 5 groups.
What am I doing wrong when I try to use AllSmallGroups to filter over
the FrattinifactorId's ??
Yours, Mike H...

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