[GAP Forum] Geometry Program, Auckland 2005

Eamonn OBrien e.obrien at auckland.ac.nz
Thu Mar 4 20:41:44 GMT 2004

Dear Gap Forum,

The New Zealand Institute of Mathematics and its Applications 
[http://www.nzima.auckland.ac.nz] is sponsoring a thematic program on

      "Geometry: Interactions with Algebra and Analysis"

based at The University of Auckland from January-June, 2005.

Program themes:

The program will focus on geometric themes including: 

(1) Discrete groups; 
(2) Algebraic groups; 
(3) Geometric group theory;
(4) Low-dimensional topology and hyperbolic geometry; 
(5) Geometric function theory; 
(6) Analysis and PDEs. 

The two central events of the program are:

1. Summer Workshop, Napier, January 8-15, 2005

The provisional list of principal speakers include:

        * Ben Andrews (Canberra)
        * Craig Evans (Berkeley)
        * Martin Liebeck (Imperial College)
        * Alex Lubotzky (Jerusalem)
        * Peter Sarnak (Princeton)

Each will deliver a series of lectures intended for a general 
mathematical audience, including senior undergraduate and 
graduate students.

The workshop will also include a day of lectures by leading 
international researchers to celebrate Fred Gehring's 80th year.

2. International conference, Auckland, February 14-18, 2005

This meeting will be more traditional in format, featuring a 
larger number of invited single research-focused lectures. 

The provisional list of speakers include:

        * Marston Conder (Auckland)
        * Rob Howlett (Sydney)
        * Bill Kantor (Oregon)
        * Laci Kovacs (Canberra) 
        * Gus Lehrer (Sydney)
        * Martin Liebeck (Imperial College)
        * Gunter Malle (Kassel)
        * Colin Maclachlan (Aberdeen)
        * Chuck Miller (Melbourne)
        * Cheryl Praeger (University of Western Australia)
        * Peter Schmid (Tuebingen)
        * Akos Seress (Ohio State University)
        * Aner Shalev (Jerusalem)

There will be opportunities for contributed talks.

Graduate Student Scholarships:

As part of the program, Masters and PhD scholarships are 
available for suitably qualified candidates. We particularly 
welcome your suggestions of suitable candidates. 

Additional information:

The WEB site for the program is 


It contains more information on the program, its activities, and 
on funding opportunities for NZ-based participants and students.

Some of the international participants will spend additional time 
in New Zealand in conjunction with the program.  An up-to-date 
register of  participants and their visit dates will be available 
later on the WEB site.  We welcome enquiries from others interested 
in taking part. 

Best wishes.
Eamonn O'Brien and Gaven Martin 
Program directors 

Department of Mathematics 
University of Auckland 

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