[GAP Forum] GAP4 question: character table as a matrix

Alexander Hulpke hulpke at math.colostate.edu
Wed Feb 4 02:32:04 GMT 2004

Dear Roman Schmied,

> I am trying to use a character table of a permutation group "g" as a 
> matrix, for further matrix multiplications. In order to extract this 
> matrix, my code is
>        TransposedMat(TransposedMat(Irr(CharacterTable(g))));
> which is very roundabout. Would anyone know of a nice way of doing this?

The following is probably the shortest



is a close contender.

> My goal is the decomposition of a vector "c" of characters into a direct 
> sum of irreducible representations, which I then do with
>        TransposedMat(TransposedMat(Irr(CharacterTable(g))))
>        * DiagonalMat(SizesConjugacyClasses(CharacterTable(g)))
>        * c
>        / Length(Elements(g));

As you have irreducible characters calculating scalar products will be
easier and more efficient:


or List(Irr(g),i->ScalarProduct(i,c));  

(If you prefer to solve a system of equations, 
will work.)

Best wishes,

  Alexander Hulpke

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