[GAP Forum] NewAttribute function

Nelson Silva nelson at mcs.st-and.ac.uk
Thu Jan 29 19:56:09 GMT 2004


I'm sorry if this has a trivial answer.

I am trying to store some data, obtained from some functions I wrote, in a
way that this information can be accessed using the command

I am trying to define some new attribute (using the instructions on the
online manual) by typing "NewAttribute( <unary operation>, <filter> )" but
the output I get is

"usage: NewAttribute( <name> ) at
getter := NEW_ATTRIBUTE( name );"

This <unary operation> has been declared with the "DeclareOperation"
command in a .gd file and with the "InstallMethod" command in a .gi file.

Can this be the reason why it does not work?

Can someone give me a simple example for the creation of a new attribute?

Many thanks,


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