[GAP Forum] Factorization for Semigroups

Jose Joao Morais jjoao at netcabo.pt
Fri Jan 23 11:51:15 GMT 2004

Dear GAP-Forum,

	I need a Factorization function for semigroups (like the one for
groups) that given a semigroup and an element of this semigroup would
return the element's factorization in the generators of the semigroup.

	I have looked at the code for 'Factorization' for groups but I could
not get any enlightenment, so my question is if anyone could give some
hints on how to implement such a function (what I do now is, starting
with the generators of the semigroup, perform all the multiplications
while storing the factors, but this takes too long for semigroups with
enough elements and becomes impracticable...).

	Thank you very much,
	Jose Morais

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